BTRS Half Iron Distance Triathlon Saturday 26th September 2015

BTRS Half Iron Distance Solo/Relay Triathlon

Hi guys, the weather is looking near perfect for this Saturday’s half iron distance event. A light northerly wind will flatten the sea perfectly, and with a near high tide, thalfiron.3 halfiron.5 halfiron.6 halfiron.7halfiron.5 halfiron.8 halfiron.9 halfiron.10 halfiron.12here will be plenty of water to find your flow. I’ve listed a few details to try to answer any questions you might have.

SWIM : Your race will start at 07:15am sharp. Please could we meet in transition no later than 06:30am to register, rack, and make the short walk to your swim start line. A simple 2 swim laps of the buoys, and exit up the beach into transition 1.

BIKE : Your bike course consists of one longer loop (32 miles), Transition-Shoreham-Newhaven-Transition, followed by 6 shorter laps (totalling 20 miles) giving all athletes 56 miles of predominantly flat bicycling. Approximately 16 miles of the longer loop will be hilly and undulating as you ride past Brighton Marina to the Newhaven turn and back past the Brighton Marina heading towards transition. The rest of the bike cource is flat.

RUN : As you exit T2 off your bicycle to begin your flat 2 loop run course, you will run eastwards towards Brighton, to the 5k turn point in the centre of Hove Lawns. Turning here, you will run back to transition and continue an extra 500 metres past transition giving you the extra kilometre on your first run loop. A simple repeat of the run loop, omitting the extra 500 metres will see you cross the finish line back in transition, completing your half iron distance triathlon.

SOLO : The half iron distance is a challenging event, and is ordinarily completed as an individual time trial, across the three disciplines.

RELAY : Relay teams are actively encouraged for the BTRS half iron distance event. Giving athletes the perfect opportunity to start with the intention of completing one or two of the three disciplines, but opening up the potential to keep going and actually complete much more on the day. So, if for example, your original intention was to cycle only and pass the baton to your runner, but as you finish your bike leg and ride into T2, it is quite common for relay cyclists to crack on with part, or all of the run as well.


SUBS : The Half Iron Triathlon subs are £40 the same as July’s Half Iron Triathlon, Subs for relay team members are £15 for each section.

PARKING : Parking at transition is £3 all day. Bring £3 in change, leave this by your race kit in transition, if the parking attendant comes along whilst you’re out on the course, we can pay in your absence.

TOILETS : There are public toilets right next to transition, they don’t open until 07:30am. There are several toilets on your run course. The most convenient seem to be at the 5k turn point along Hove Lawns.

DRINK AND FEED STATIONS : There will be a drink and feed station placed at the rear of King Alfred for your run course. Transition exit will also have a drink and feed station for the second part of your bike course. You will pass this aid station 6 times, roughly every 10 minutes, and can request what you would like prepared for your next pass by.

TIME KEEPING : All times for all athletes are recorded electronically and full race results as well as individual split times are posted after your race.

WATER SAFETY COVER : There will be kayaks out on the swim course to assist in the unlikely event of any problems during your swim.

GOODIE BAGS AND MEDALS : All finishers, relay and solo, will recover their well earned finishers medal and goodie bags.

PODIUM AWARDS : Your race results will be included in the BTRS Awards Gala Dinner a week after the race, on Saturday 3rd October. Male and female winners will be awarded the engraved trophies accordingly.

I hope this answers many questions you may have. Please do message me with anything else you need to know to make your half iron morning, the absolute most that it can be.

I look forward to seeing you at the swim start 07;14am ready to crack on !

Best, as always


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