December 2015 Events and Christmas Evening

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Activities/Events for December/Christmas 2015

Hi guys, with December just around the corner, and Christmas fast approaching, here are the scheduled activities over and above our normal weekly training schedule for December 2015

Saturday 5th December 08:00am RUN V RIDE

I’ve often wondered whether mountain bikers could out pace cross country runners 2 to 1, over a relatively short distance, or could the runners hold the cyclists off over a simple flat course. So, here’s an event for December that will put this to the test.

Runners will take on the challenge of outpacing cyclists along the Downslink. Runners and mountain bikers will compete against each other in 2 separate groups along the Downslink Trail. Runners start line will be the entrance to Stans Shack, and their finish line will be the centre of the Shoreham wooden bridge. Mountain/cyclo cross bikers start line will be the centre of the wooden Shoreham bridge, their turn around point will be Stans Shack, and they will finish across the line back at the Shoreham wooden bridge. Both groups times will be recorded when they finish across the line in the centre of the wooden Shoreham bridge. Runners must complete the one way, 11 mile course from Stans Shack to the bridge finish line, and the cyclists must complete the 22 mile return journey from the bridge, to Stans Shack, and back to the centre of the bridge ahead of the runners.

Both groups will start at 08:00am sharp, and everyone should cross the finish line with times ranging from 1hr 15minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. I will add up the total times for each group, and the overall winners will be the group with the lowest cumulative time. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that this is going to be a very close race.

So, please let me know whether you want to test yourself as a cross country runner, or a flat speed mountain biker. The runners will be transported up to Stans Shack ready for the race start, and both groups will start at exactly 08:00am, with everyone across the line before 10:00am, where you will find the BTRS marquee and plenty of refreshments. We will present the winners trophy and medals at the the finish line after the last athlete crosses the line.

Parking is free around the Shoreham wooden bridge, the subs for RunVRide are just £10, there will be the BTRS Marquee with hot drinks and refreshments after the finish line. BTRS Medals will be presented to all competitors, and a winning team trophy for the shortest cumulative time. Please confirm your place, and whether your want to test yourself as a runner, or a cross country cyclist, and please don’t (do) nobble your competitors as your paths cross along the course !

Saturday 12th December 08:30am BTRS CHRISTMAS TREASURE HUNT

It’s time for our annual muddy treasure hunt through the beautiful Stanmer Park trails. Based at the main entrance car park, where the marquee will be set up with hot drinks and refreshments, athletes will be following their treasure maps on mountain bikes and on foot. Collect a hidden token from the trails, then return to base to collect the corresponding treasures. Ideally teams of 2 either on mountain bikes, or on foot, will
pick off the trails I also hugely and whole heartedly encourage family groups for this event smile emoticon bring the youngsters and hubsters down for a light hearted ( not too far) morning of mud and mulled wine.

Subs for grown ups are £12 and for children £5, and as always, I can guarantee plenty of cheating, plenty of mud, and stacks of treasure. But, please please remember, there will be absolutely NO SMILING WHATSOEVER !

Saturday 12th December 6:00pm onwards – BTRS CHRISTMAS EVENING

As with last years get together, we will be holding the Christmas party at home, a simple drop in anytime from 6:00pm onwards. The log fire will be burning, relaxed Christmas tunes playing , and plenty of crisps/nuts/cake/curly wurlys to nibble on. A completely relaxed evening, no dress code, no subs, no lycra, just turn up when you can, bring with you whichever posh booze you want to swig, and hang out amongst The Family smile emoticon nice and simple. As there will be some organised fun and games but no sports, there will be one major exception for this evening, smiling IS ALLOWED !!!!

Saturday 19th December 10:00am onwards – CHRISTMAS £1 BRING AND BUY BONANZA in aid of The Rockinghorse Charity.

Mark Hedger has very kindly donated the use of his shop ( Brighton Beach Bikes) from 10:00am on Saturday 19th December. I’m very excited to hold our bring and buy sale for ALL sports paraphernalia/kit/spares. We all have unused kit/clothing in our cupboards that we look at every time we are getting ready for training, that we know we are never going to use. Please donate anything and everything you can to the event. ALL donated items will be sold for just £1 each, with ALL monies raised going straight to the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity. I’m going to dress up as Father Christmas and take presents into the hospital and try to put a smile on their faces, I will of course be looking for Santa’s helpers to accompany me.

Simply bring items to the sale, and have a good look to see if there is anything for you to buy and take away with you.  I will be providing refreshments all day. You can walk/ride down to the event, as we have plenty of safe bike store space. This is an important event, please do get involved, donate something ( I can collect from your goodselves beforehand) and buy something, remember all items are £1, no more, no less. Let’s see if we can raise some sensible dosh between The Family, visit the youngsters with goodies, and help put some excitement and joy in their hearts around Christmas. SMILING DEFINITELY ALLOWED FOR THIS EVENT.

So, plenty to have a go at throughout December, some serious, some fun, I hope to see you for ALL OF THE ABOVE

Best, as always


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