Flow Week #3

Hi guys, what a colourful FLOW swim this evening ! With the onshore winds picking up the waves, we really had some work to do out there. Sighting for the buoys was particularly challenging across the back stretch of water, and with a slight sideways current, you all did very very well to stay (mostly) on course smile emoticon

For your swim times this evening, please click on the link below


Please do remember, that to complete each swim is to win. The finish positions on the results tables are only really relevant to each individual, it’s the mileage that really matters with the FLOW Swim Series smile emoticon

Thank you all for being on time this evening, for looking out for each other, for your subs, and for concentrating out there in the big blue, it’s concentrating when we’re out there that helps keep us all safe smile emoticon

Well done all of tonight’s swimmers ! See everyone tomorrow (Friday) evening for another FLOW Swim, 6:15pm at the back of King Alfred, 6:30pm waterside, ready to crack on smile emoticon

Best, as always

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