Midweek Aquathlon #4 and Early Bird Triathlon Results 22/23 July 2015

Midweek Aquathlon #4 and Early Bird Triathlon #1


Hi guys, it’s been a colourful week with adapted events and early starts, but we have some excellent results across swim, bike, and run.

Wednesday evenings Midweek Tri, was altered to Midweek Aquathlon due to strong cross winds. And, thanks to a flexible group of athletes, we managed a successful 2 swim laps/5k run Aquathlon evening instead ! I would like say a big WELCOME to Newbie Lauren Forrest, arriving off the train from Scotland, found herself beachside, waiting to start her 5k run with a puzzled look on her face ! (well done Lisa Forrest for hosting so well) smile emoticon smile emoticon

Here are your results for your Aquathlon


You will see that Hildi and Elsie have a DNF, this is incorrect, they actually scored a 43:02 for their T1 + 5k run.

Thank you all, for keeping an open mind with weather conditions and events. We cant always have our Midweek Triathlon, but if you’re willing to adapt a little, we can certainly adjust to something that’s challenging and absolutely no fun whatsoever !

Early Bird Triathlon

This was the first Early Bird Triathlon of the 2015 Series, and with much quieter roads, I’ve taken the decision ( alongside the standard Midweek Tri Series) to put this event on right through the summer season until the end of September. Each Wednesday morning, starting at 06:00am sharp, ( arrive 05:45am to register) we will have the opportunity to race the standard Wednesday evening Midweek Tri course with empty roads and a quiet run course.

After results were in, I would like to award ‘Athlete of Excellence’ to Samya Dickinson for her swim at the Early Bird on Thursday morning. By completing the Triathlon swim course, Samya clocked up her furthest open water swim distance ever !! This is a big deal, a distance PB in open water does not come easily, it requires swim fitness, technical ability, and perhaps most importantly, a specific measure of water confidence. Well done Samya, keep going !!

Here are your Early Bird results,


Dan Fisher, although late to start, had the following split times 21:57, 33:24, 19:24. As you can see, Dan doesn’t exactly drag his feet on the bike and run course ! Well done that man ! With our timing system, once I’ve started the electronic timer, I can’t add another athlete who misses the start. I can however, unofficially write the split times and you can see where you would stand in the rankings.

As always, thank you all for being punctual, for getting stuck in and taking on the challenge, and for adding a certain something to the richness of Brighton life ! Keep turning up, keep training, and above all, keep moving forwards !

Best, as always

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