Midweek Aquathlon #9 Wednesday 9th September 2015

Midweek Aquathlon #9

Wednesday 9th September 2015

It’s evenings like this one that I feel very connected to our great city and the athletes that work and live here.aqu.9.1 aqu.9.2 aqu.9.3 aqu.9.4 aqu.9.5 aqu.9.6 aqu.9.7

With reasonably flat sea conditions and a warm setting sun, we had a clear evening to race twice around the swim course and push hard through the 5k run.

Firstly a big big WELCOME to Louise Denis Le Seve, Luke’s mum first time racing on the Wednesday night, (complying with BTRS Rule No.3) delighted you decided to get out there with the best of them !

Sonia Spearing what a debut performance on the Midweek swim course ! I watched as the race leader exited the swim, looking for Mr Forrest, and as the athlete stood up in the shore break, it was Sonia, hugely impressed by your open water swimming, great work Sonia.

Sharona Harrington also had a good swim, and although BTRS Rule No.2 allows for a domestique throughout the race on your birthday, another strong smooth swim negated any sort of draft advantage. I hope you enjoyed your birthday evening in neoprene and 100 million gallons of the English Channel.

With everyone out of the swim after 2 laps of the triangular course, I could see runners passing each other along the flat 5k course. CCTV has revealed many of the athletes (including ironman Simon Poppitt-Jones back from his Dart 10k swim) breaking BTRS Rule No.1 (absolutely no smiling) and there are time penalties imminent. We just can’t tolerate this kind of behaviour ! we’re not here to have fun !

A big THANKS to everyone for talking a flexible approach to the evenings course, with resurfacing at Ovingdean roundabout, the bike course was definitely a no go, leaving us with an aquathlon to replace the triathlon. Overall a strong evening for athletes, resulting in quick swim/run times and a few more trophy winners for the BTRS Awards Gala Dinner on Saturday 3rd October. Keep turning up, keep pushing forwards, and sooner or later you’re going to break through.

Overall, another positive and progressive evening at The Midweek Series, the social vibe after the race was lovely. Remember, we only have 3 Midweek events until the end of the summer, so let’s make the most of what’s left. For a full set of results please click on the link below


Other times not captured on the timing system were

Flick. Swim – 17:11, Run – 29:49
Jo. SUP – 28:44, Run 29:40
Steve Burroughes. Total time for Swim (1 lap) and run 32:08
Jonathan. Total time for Swim (1 lap) and run 42:42

See everyone next Wednesday, hopefully with a flat warm sea, resurfaced roads, and absolutely no smiling !

Best, as always


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