Midweek Triathlon #4 (Wednesday 15th July 2015)

Midweek Triathlon #4


Hi guys, what a near perfect evening we had last night !! Calm water, very light winds, light traffic, and a perfect mix of athletes with that look in their eye, that meant they were here to get down to business !

A welcome return by Alan Jones after his bike crash 3 weeks ago, doesn’t seem to have knocked any sense into him, still getting the job done. Ironman athlete Simon Barry ( Austria IM 9h:26m) racing last night and battling it out with regular podium finisher Graeme Forrest, always great to spectate when athletes are working to their limits. It’s very very nice to see a return to Midweek racing by members of the Mid Sussex Triathlon Club (MSTC) Julie Williams still breaking one of the golden rules and SMILING !!! We will have no happiness or fun at the Midweek Series THANKYOU !

Mr Eoghan and Becky Taylor thank you both for your support with athletes in the water, and with a few colourful spectators, hanging around transition last night ! First prize for ‘inconspicuous outfit’ goes to Mr Eoghan at the swim start yesterday.

I have 2 wetsuits for sale after last night, £5 each. They allegedly belong to Sharona Harrington and Simon Cullen, but they can’t possible want them as I found them on the railings after everyone had gone home, so they are for sale if anyone wants one.

For your results please follow the link below. For your split times, simply click on your name in the finish list and your splits page will open up:


James Houlston and Robert Bishop, please accept my apology! I made an error recording your live results, so I’ve sifted through, and your times and finish positions were:

James – 13:42, 33:32, 19:05 3rd overall
Robert – 13:59, 40:54, 21:23 10th overall

Edel, your swim+T1 time was 17:42 and your 5k run time was 28:46, nice work ! Please can I have my goggles back tonight ?!

I would like specifically mention Dan Fisher, Jessie Fuller, and Paul Costelloe, I know how averse you feel at times, about open water swimming, and to get in the sea, swim out to the bouys, amongst the masses, knowing it’s not your natural choice ! I commend you for not listening to the voices, and taking that on, that’s progress, right there.

THANKYOU everyone, for being part of another great evening, I hope you all get something positive out of it in your own way, and that you had absolutely no fun or enjoyment whatsoever, we will have none of that !

Keep turning up, keep pushing yourself, understand where you’re at, and keep aiming higher !

Have a great day

Best, as always


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