Olympic Distance Triathlon #2

Saturday 18th July 2015. RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS

Hi guys, what a perfect morning for a local swim, bike, and run smile emoticon We were blessed yet again with a blue sky, calm sea, and warm air temperatures. Setting up the bike racking at 05:00am in the quiet sunrise, I could see that this mornings athletes would be able to have a good stab at the olympic distance tri, without hinderance from poor weather.

Firstly, a big big WELCOME to Newbie Jamie Wheeler, I hope you felt welcome and relaxed amongst ‘The Family’ and understood that there is to be no fun, joy, or smiling !

Starting in the water, the simple swim course, out and back around the yellow buoys and up the beach, became great entertainment for spectators on the shore. I forgot that I had set the swim course as multiple choice. Some of the kinder athletes (Jamie Wheeler, Keith Rochfort, Simon Cullen, Andrew Williams), opted for an extra 500 metres out of the goodness of their hearts to give other athletes a fighting chance to build a lead on the bike leg. Some of the athletes opted for a much shorter course, I’m still checking CCTV footage to work out who they were !

With all athletes safely out of the swim and on to the bike course, the sun kept shining and the westerly winds stayed light, creating near perfect cycling conditions. CCTV footage has revealed several incidents of smiling, ( Cheating Elle Breeds, Bea Byrne, Cocoa Snail, Rob Sharkey and Steve Johnson) will all be receiving time penalties !

As the bike leg was fully underway, and cyclists were racing past transition for their 4 lap course, I unfortunately received several noise complaints from the port authorities, relating to noise coming from transition ! After investigation I was able to pinpoint the source of the noise, Amy Jordan ! It turned out that Amy thinks T1 (Transition 1) actually stands for TALK 1, I was able to remedy the problem by giving Amy a finishers goodie bag full of sweet treats, which kept her quiet before she set off with Amanda Hyatt on a 100 mile road ride !

As athletes finished the bike leg and set off on the run, the westerly wind was starting to build, bringing with it, a slightly hindering but refreshing head wind for the return journey of the run course. A big Thank you to Becky Taylor supplying refreshments at the 5k turn point on the run loop. I’m happy to say that the out and back 10k, resulted in a full score card, with all athletes completing it, and Michael Donne actually achieving a distance PB for more than a decade ! Well done that man !!

Overall, the morning was close to perfection. An absolutely lovely lovely lovely group of athletes, putting themselves through the mill, early on a Saturday morning, right here in our beautiful city of Brighton. In the realms of regular working life, this really is, what I call ‘Upper Quartile’ living. We are not movie stars or oil billionaires, but we can still live in the Upper Quartile of our real lives, and I’m thankful for this, every single day !

Progressive people doing positive things, whilst remembering to look after each other in the process smile emoticon you’re all bloody fabulous !!!

For a full set of your results, please follow the link below


See you all next Saturday for the half iron distance triathlon olympic2.1 olympic2.5 olympic2.6 flow4.1olympic2.5olympic2.1olympic2.2 olympic2.3olympic2.2olympic2.6smile emoticon

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