Olympic Triathlon #3 08/08/2015

Olympic Triathlon #3 08/08/2015

Hi guys, what a truly blue sky, blue sea, perfect morning we had for your Olympic triathlon. Setting up transition at 5:00am, in the warm morning air, I could see the fish jumping and the cormorants diving after them ! Perfection for a fast and clear 1500metre swim, and the windless morning meant a fair fight for athletes out on the bike and the run course.

A big big WELCOME to Dean Allen racing from Mid Sussex Tri Club, new to the course, but not new to the challenges of steering in open water swims such as this one. Swimming straight for Carrats Cafe rather than swim exit, I think he could smell the ‘Full English’ cooking 

A welcome return to the Olympic distance race by Matt Vermeer ( 1st place ) and Paul Brakewell, both of whom have particularly challenging work commitments, so I was very happy to see them both racking their bikes early Saturday morning.

After 30 minutes or so, all swimmers were out of the water safely, including Kate Hunt, dealing with her ‘sea demons’ trying to quieten the imagination conjuring up creatures from the deep depths ! Wetsuits off, and straight out onto the fast and flat bike course. One big loop and 4 small loops, brought all athletes past transition regularly for inspection against breaking the BTRS Rule No.1 – NO SMILING. The following athletes will all be penalised at Awards Gala Dinner October 3rd, Sharona Harrington, Will Smart, Marie Lynch, and Kate Hunt all caught redhanded on CCTV.

With athletes into T2, safely off the bike, and onto the run leg, the short sharp out and back 10k, proved particularly challenging with temperatures climbing steadily throughout the morning. Nearly all runners completing their 10k runs in around 50 – 55 minutes, I was beginning to wonder if they had taxi cabs waiting around the corner out of view ! Strong running from all athletes, saw almost everyone across the finish line within 3 hours of taking their first swim stroke ! Congratulations to Secret Agent Phil for completing his FIRST EVER Olympic Distance Triathlon !! Great work !

Thankyou to Becky Taylor for helping with athlete feed/drink station near to the 5k turn point on the run course, very much appreciated, particularly in the heat !

A sincere WELL DONE to ALL athletes who raced on Saturday morning. Pushing hard to complete a big part, or full, Olympic triathlon, done and dusted before breakfast. With the rest of the day your own, safe in the knowledge that you fought a good fight, with absolutely no smiling whatsoever, on a sunny summer morning, a beautifully positive start to the weekend for sure.olym3.1 olym3.2 olym3.3 olym3.4 olym3.5 olym3.6

For a full list of results please click on the link below


Cathy Kwan. Bike (shortened) 38:39/Run (shortened) 47:05
Marie Lynch. Run (shortened) 14:10

See y’all for the next one

Best, as always


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