Rough Guide for the BTRS Calendar 2019

Rough Guide for the BTRS Calendar 2019.

Hi guys, firstly, I want to wish all of us, the very very best from ourselves, to ourselves, for 2019 and beyond.

As we enter the new BTRS Training and Events year, we have a very full and very accessible diary of adventure for absolutely everyone over the next 10 months, and further.

This very special and very diverse BTRS Family is now approaching 10 years old, and collectively (there are 850 of us) we have swam, bicycled, and ran right round the planet! As each new month arrives we will be adding adventure to adventure, below is a rough guide.

January to March 2019 – all of our regular favourites. Winter Trail Running , Midweek Dark Run, Saturday Brick Sessions (on/off road) Friday Intervals, Tuesday 10k Timed Run, Run V Ride. 6th Annual Trial By Trail (March 10th).

April 2019 – Easter Bank Holiday – 3 Day Cycling Tour of Sussex, Introduction to FLOW Swimming, Friday Intervals, RunVRide, Shanks’s Pony, Saturday Brick Sessions. The Introduction To FLOW Weekend marks the beginning of our 2019 Open water FLOW Series, we are bringing back our Swimming For Softies, to help any newbies with their technical ability and water confidence. FLOW this year has a series of organised P2P distance swims, designed to coincide with current and tide. These will start in May as the water warms up, and continue all the way to our 10th Awards Gala Dinner which is on Saturday 5th October.

So, May to October 2019 – Ten organised/current friendly/marshalled Point-To-Point Sea Swims Events. Increasing distance from 1km to 10km, and as the water gets warmer, the P2P swims become longer. The 10 dates are set, and your swim distances are 1k, 2.4k, 2.5k, 3.5k, 4.6k, 5.6k, 7.9k, 7.9k, 8.9k, 10k). As our Swim fitness, water confidence, and technical ability increases, let’s see just how far we can go. Our Midweek Triathlon Series returns on 1st May, marking the start of 22 midweek sprint triathlons giving everyone the opportunity to practice and perfect all things triathlon. Upping the triathlon distances, we have our 4 Olympic Distance, 2 Half Iron, and 1 Full Iron distance, to really give you something to get your teeth into. As temperatures improve, we have our South Downs Way 2 day supported mountain bicycle ride event, pedalling the entire SDW national park over 2 days.

2019 again has us heading over/on/under seas for our Rule #1 training camps. Mallorca, Italy, and Malta are amongst our destinations for the multi sports, open water swimming, Trail running, cycling weeks away. The first multi sport camp 23rd – 30th March on the stunning island of Mallorca is almost full with 1 remaining athlete space. Other Rule #1 training week’s are in May, june and September and I will post up specifics early this month so we can plan ahead.

So, an ocean of opportunity for us all to wade into, (I will post up the specific calendar of dates this week) and as we are not a business, all costs are kept to the minimum. I know this takes a bit of getting used to, however, we are ten years old now and despite the challenges, WE ARE STILL HERE AND STILL GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH.

As I have done since day one, all I ask of The Family is to behave well towards each other, focus, put the work in, avoid paralysis -by-analysis, keep the faith, believe in your own abilities (as I believe in your abilities) be punctual, be polite, and above all else, ABSOLUTELY NO SMILING!!

When people ask me what exactly is the The BTRS, I honestly cannot give a clear answer because I don’t exactly know. What I do know however, is that we are strong, open, respectful, welcoming, supportive, and progressive. Which, by so many measures, surely has to mean that we are heading in the right direction.

Last week, I heard someone say ‘You can’t blend in , when you were born to stand out’.

So, take a deep breath, stand up straight, and let’s make our 2019 year of adventure, truly OUTSTANDING……

See Y’all out there….

Best, as always

Kurt X

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