the Final Midweek Triathlon of 2015

The Final Midweek Tri of 2015

Hi guys, what a beautiful group of individuals racing on a beautiful sunset evening. We had guest appearances by Ironman Keith Jackson, Ironman Simon Barry, Ultra Runner Carl Forestman, Bodybuilder Flick Williams, Sub 3 hour marathon man Dan Fisher, Cage Fighter Kate Hunt, Young Athlete Jack, and Luke Denis Le Seve ‘s Parents, all supporting in transition whilst the swim was well under way smile emoticon smile emoticon

Soooooo much cheating tonight !!! I’ve never seen anything like it in the 5 years I’ve been running BTRS !

Here are the results ( click on the link below) but with so much cheating, I’m undecided whether or not to disqualify EVERYONE !

What I do know for sure, Lisa beat Graeme and Simon out of the swim, Charlotte, Jody, Amy and Cheating Elle are all in big trouble at gala dinner !! far far too much smiling going on tonight !

Another Midweek Series comes to a close, to make way for the winter training schedule. It’s been another wonderful and colourful race series, and I’m going to miss each and every one of you ! We’ve covered some serious miles across swim, bike, and run smile emoticon and deite the adverse weather, I genuinely wouldn’t change a single memory from 23 Midweek races smile emoticon

See you all this Saturday, at the BTRS AWARDS GALA EVENING. Let’s look back over your 2015 race series, and celebrate all of your achievements and successes smile emoticon

In the eternal words of Mr Eogan ‘YOURE ALL FABULOUS !!’

Best, as always

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