imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageHi Guys 🙂 here’s one for road cyclists amongst us.


The new BTRS cycling event, ‘The Sussex A to Z’  is a 6 hour road race, which requires teams of four, to cycle within Sussex, collecting a photograph with the team in it, from places beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Each team will be issued with an X, Q, and Z, which you must make another word using an existing place name and the letters issued. ( I don’t think we have any towns or villages beginning with these three letters)


Each photograph is worth 5 points, the team with the most points wins the prize, however, it’s a 6 hour race, and your team must return to base within the 6 hours. Each minute that you’re late back, will cost you 2 points.


Base will be at Prestige Cycles shop, George street, Hove.  where you will start the day 08:00am, with your issued maps and letter X, Q, and Z. Each team will be given 5 place names that they are not permitted to use in their photographs, to stop any possible cheating with forward planned routes or photographs ahead of the race 🙂


The race is going to be £10, but this is only to cover light breakfast and coffee at the Planning stage of the race, Prizes, and SAG Wagon cover if anyone breaks down or gets lost.


I’m really looking forward to this one 🙂


Please let let me know that you will be racing, so I can make provisions 🙂


Best, as always



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