TRAINING AND EVENTS Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th September 2015

Training For The Week Ahead (Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th September)

Hi guys, we have another busy training schedule ahead, the weather is particularly favourable this week, and with the FLOW distances steadily increasing at the weekends, we will be reducing the FLOW distance Tuesday and Thursday, but turning up the pace. Wednesday is looking very good for Midweek with flat seas and warm temperatures, however this week will be Aquathlon (2xswim laps/1x5k run) as the resurfacing at Ovingdean means there is no opportunity to turn around on the bike course.

So, in brief

Tuesday 8th September – 06:05am – Tuesday 10k Timed Run. Please meet David Lloyds reception, for the weekly 10k (5k is also an optional course) run out and back. Flat, simple, and your time recorded in my black book smile emoticon subs £1, a great start to the training week.

Tuesday 8th September – 6:15pm Swimming For Softies – (THIS SESSION IS MOVED TO THE REAR OF KING ALFRED) Please meet at 6:00pm, ready to work on stroke technique and relaxed breathing. Subs £2, bottled water and chocolate/bananas after your session smile emoticon designed to help continuing water confidence building and accumulating your time in the open water smile emoticon

Tuesday 8th September – 6:45pm FLOW SERIES Swim Week #11 (THIS SESSION MOVED TO REAR OF KING ALFRED) Please meet at 6:30pm ready to swim your FLOW Distance #10 which is 2.0 kilometres timed. Subs £2, bottled water, chocolate/bananas before/during, and immediately after your timed swim. All times recorded and sent to each swimmer immediately. Where necessary Safety Kayaks will be out in force again, accompanying swimmers for the entire duration.

Wednesday 9th September Starting no later than 6:45pm MIDWEEK SPRINT AQUATHLON. The forecast looks favourable for Midweek Aquathlon. Please meet in transition no later than 6:15pm, register, pay £5 subs, collect your race number, walk down to the waters edge and be ready to race (2x750metre swim /5k run) at 6:45pm. There is to be absolutely NO SMILING ! and all electronic results posted after the race and sent to each athlete individually. Transition is beachside, stop lease being everything to the beach, we won’t leave anything in our usual transition. The race will start and finish at the waters edge.

Thursday 10th September – 06:00am Early Bird Sprint Triathlon. THIS EVENT IS POSTPONED. For those members of The Family that can’t make the Midweek Tri Series, I’m putting on the Early Bird Sprint Tri. Exactly the same course and arrangements as the Midweek Tri, but with quieter roads for the bike course. Subs £5 with tea/coffee and snacks for your post race breakfast. Please come down to Transition no later than 05:40am. Rack and get ready to race along the quiet course 06:00am sharp.

Thursday 10th September – 6:00pm Swimming For Softies – THIS SESSION MOVED TO THE REAR OF KING ALFRED. Please meet 5:45pm ready to Swim 6:00pm, for more water confidence building work, this is not a distance swim set or a timed swim set, it is purely to build your collective time in the open water and build up water confidence. Subs £2. Bottled water, chocolate/bananas immediately after your swim.

Thursday 10th September – 6:30pm FLOW SERIES Week #11. THIS SESSION MOVED TO THE REAR OF KING ALFRED. Continuing with a 2.0k timed swim. Please meet at 6:15pm ready to swim at 6:30pm. As the Swimming For Softies group leave the water, FLOW swimmers will start their timed 2.0k swim. Subs £2, all times recorded electronically and sent to each individual swimmer. Conditions are TIC ( Taken Into Consideration) where times are recorded, i.e current, tide, wind, swell, thunderstorms.

Friday 11th September – 06:30am Intervals Run Session – Please meet 06:30am Hove Lawns Peace Statue, for 1 hour of platform intervals, building run speed, strength, and conditioning. Subs £1, bottled water, chocolate/bananas supplied.

Saturday 12th September – Road Bicycling out to Sea Lane and straight into 5k Hove Prom Park Run off the bikes. Subs £2. Please meet at the rear of King Alfred 06:59am, ready to ride a 16 mph average out to Sea Lane and back, straight into Hove Prom Park Run. We can lock for our bicycles away during Hove Prom Run, as the SAG Wagon will be available as safe store after the bike leg.

Sunday 13th September – 2:00pm Winter Trail Running Orientation Run. As the start of the Winter Trail Running Series is fast approaching, I’ve scheduled several orientation runs to ensure we know our way around the 4 Trails. Please meet at THE MAIN ENTRANCE STANMER PARK, you will see the SAG Wagon and the BTRS Marquee. We will run together as an orientation run. Please bring £1 subs and a hoodie/joggers to wear afterwards to keep warm. There will be snacks and drinks in the marquee at the finish of Trail #1.

So plenty to have a go at, I hope to see you for some, or all of it smile emoticon

Its all there, just turn up and crack on smile emoticon

Best, as always


Remember FLOW SERIES is the Open Water Distance Swimming Series, which involves swimming progressively further each week. Starting with 1kilometre, and finishing at the end of the FLOW Series with 20kilometres. YOU CAN ATTEND AND SWIM WHATEVER DISTANCE YOU FEEL ABLE TO ON THE DAY, WITHIN THE SET DISTANCE. All swims have safety cover and refreshments smile emoticon We will all have our swim season book, which we will fill in as we complete the swim distances smile emoticon Generally the FLOW Swims are Tuesdays and Thursday’s, but also include Saturday and Sunday afternoons when the sea conditions are favourable.IMG_0068 IMG_0258 IMG_0338 IMG_0425 IMG_0747 image image

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