Winter Trail Run Series Orientation #1

Sunday’s Trail Run #1 Orientation Run

Hi guys, please can we meet at 1:45pm at the main entrance NOT THE UPPER LODGES CAR PARK, for tomorrow’s orientation run. Trail #1 is the 10k off road run, please wear runners with a bit of grip smile emoticon Subs are just £1 and there will be snacks afterwards, and if I can read the instructions, the new BTRSGazebo will be up to keep warm in before and after your run.

We are only 4 weeks away from the start of the BTRS Winter Trail Running Series Year 2, which has 4 off road trails, increasing in distance and requiring a faster run at each trail visit smile emoticon

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow 1:45pm, to start ‘The Hill’ at 2:00pm smile emoticon Remember tomorrow is Trail #1 orientation, so no big pressure for pace smile emoticon

Best, as always

Kurttr1.1 tr1.2

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